Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Moving forward.

Well, another chapter completed, and What Hides In Shadow now stands at 118, 468 words. I can *feel* the story's end growing closer, although those two elusive words, "The End", still seem a long way off. Maybe. We'll see.

More death, more chaos, more intrigue yet to come.

GOD, I love being a writer!

More soon.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

The News Is Out... And It's Good!

Hi Everyone,

As hinted to earlier, we have some good news in our household. Verna's fantasy series, A Familiar's Tale (Gate of Souls, Tree of Bones and Fires of Rapiveshta), has been picked up by Sky Warrior Book Publishing!

Can't be more pleased or proud of Verna. She's worked so hard, and dealt with a great deal of disappointment in getting this ENTIRE series to print. Now, things are really looking up for her and I'm hoping you will all join me in congratulating her.

I also want to thank Maggie and Larry Bonham for bringing Verna into the Sky Warrior family.

In other news, as promised I want to keep you up to date on my own efforts.  What Hides In Shadow is now at a comfortable 117,000+ words, with only two chapters to go (where everything hits the fan, and the wrap-up into the next book.) As always, I'll keep you posted and be making some serious noise once it's completed.

See you all soon.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time for a little shameless promotion!

Now in paperback!
Twenty established and up and coming fantasy writers, (including Dragon Toast, by Verna McKinnon and my own work, Square William's New Charge) all members of the Fantastic Fantasy Writers Facebook Page, stretch their creative muses with 19 highly creative tales ranging from non-traditional dragons to mud maidens to a two-headed centaur. Here imagination knows no bounds!

Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Exciting news in the household, but...

Hi everyone,

Received some wonderful news this week for the other half of our writer household. Too soon to reveal, but great things are coming.

In other revelations:

What Hides In Shadow is now at 115, 000 words + and going strong. However, it HAS been brought to my attention, that the old school way of story writing (i.e. prologues, epilogues)  are no longer used. Huh... Oh well, I sure I can solve the issue easily enough. After all, I am a writer. Hard to keep up on such things, though.

Will have more soon on all novel-writing goings on in the household.

Stop by & say 'Hello' if you like.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Absent without permission.

Hello All,

Sorry to have been away. The only excuse I have is that it was birthday week (Verna's) here at the lair. She and I both had the week off (happens VERY rarely) and we took some much needed us time. Still managed to knock out some pivotal scenes for the novel (another chapter nearly finished - a primary character dead, another behind bars, and a third finds his magic!)

Oddly, I've discovered that being so near to completion of this story has made me a bit trepidatious. It's not that I'm going to miss the characters (well, the one who died, certainly) as they still have two very important stories to be told, plus random appearances in six other novels, so it's not as if I won't see them again. Still...

Also during the week, Verna & I have made some serious decisions regarding our writing careers (pedal to the floorboards) and for the first time in a long while, I'm feeling good about it. More on that later (if all goes well.) Meanwhile, the mundane world must go on and tomorrow begins a new work week, but now it doesn't seem so overwhelming. We'll see.

I'll do my best to keep you posted on my current writing progress.

If you like, you can visit some of my old friends at my website (rickhipps.com) and at http://www.loreleisignal.com/Grayleigh.html (if you like the story of Brenna and her family, check out the entire anthology (links are also at my website, including a new anthology coming in September, A Forest of Dreams, published by Indie Authors Press. - in paperback and on Kindle!)

Sorry for the shameless bout of self promotion, but as I said, pedal to the floorboards.

Hope we'll talk soon.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

As promised...

Well, as promised I have new website and I'm creeping ever closer to the completion of a WIP which, I must confess, has been on-going for far longer than I anticipated.  But, life does manage to get in the way sometimes. While not using that as an excuse, it does offer an explanation, at least to family and friends who've been enduring my long-term efforts... somewhat.

This novel was originally intended as a stand-alone piece. But the characters, and my imagination didn't seem to agree with that intent, so in the coming entries to my blog, I'll try to explain my process, and change in attitude, toward the characters and stories of the good, gray and dark folks residing in Fortune's Gate. Let's begin,

On Creating A Series:

For my first novel, I decided on a main story that offered the reader a murder mystery. Yes, I know murder mysteries already fill the shelves of many a used bookstore.  But when writing a fantasy, especially dark fantasy, a simple whodunnit just isn't enough. Hence, the tagline "Magic, Murder and Mystery" entered my mind.

So, creating fantasy murder brings a whole set of ideas and problems with it..

         How do I keep it original (or, at least out of the norm)?
         Creating a killer worthy of the name.
         Providing a motive worth the risk.
         Writing a horrific series of murder scenes.

In the days ahead, I'll try breaking down these ideas and discussing the problems, without revealing, I hope, too much of the story.

So, come back if you'd like to see how a new guy handles the beginning of a series that was never intended. Perhaps you'll learn something, right or wrong, about creating your own series.

See you next time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New & Improved.


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Spent a few hours on Sunday working with my uber-talented webmistress toward a new and improved website (rickhipps.com), Accomplished a lot; adding new links for upcoming and already released work, improved website look, maybe a picture, not sure if I'm up for it.

Am now only two chapters (and a bit) shy of completing What Hides In Shadow, first in a series from the bustling port city of Fortune's Gate. Seems somewhat surreal, but I'm looking forward to moving deeper into the other stories to come.

Next up, of course, will be shopping for an agent, editing and MORE WRITING!

Well, back to it. Enjoy the day & stop back if you're in the neighborhood.