Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Moving forward.

Well, another chapter completed, and What Hides In Shadow now stands at 118, 468 words. I can *feel* the story's end growing closer, although those two elusive words, "The End", still seem a long way off. Maybe. We'll see.

More death, more chaos, more intrigue yet to come.

GOD, I love being a writer!

More soon.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

The News Is Out... And It's Good!

Hi Everyone,

As hinted to earlier, we have some good news in our household. Verna's fantasy series, A Familiar's Tale (Gate of Souls, Tree of Bones and Fires of Rapiveshta), has been picked up by Sky Warrior Book Publishing!

Can't be more pleased or proud of Verna. She's worked so hard, and dealt with a great deal of disappointment in getting this ENTIRE series to print. Now, things are really looking up for her and I'm hoping you will all join me in congratulating her.

I also want to thank Maggie and Larry Bonham for bringing Verna into the Sky Warrior family.

In other news, as promised I want to keep you up to date on my own efforts.  What Hides In Shadow is now at a comfortable 117,000+ words, with only two chapters to go (where everything hits the fan, and the wrap-up into the next book.) As always, I'll keep you posted and be making some serious noise once it's completed.

See you all soon.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time for a little shameless promotion!

Now in paperback!
Twenty established and up and coming fantasy writers, (including Dragon Toast, by Verna McKinnon and my own work, Square William's New Charge) all members of the Fantastic Fantasy Writers Facebook Page, stretch their creative muses with 19 highly creative tales ranging from non-traditional dragons to mud maidens to a two-headed centaur. Here imagination knows no bounds!

Hope you enjoy it!